Yes Umps, this is that “Made in New Hampshire” umpire ball bag that you’ve seen all over the country, and at most of the major tournaments including the Worlds.

The Umpires Ball Bag made by “It’s My Bag Specialties®” is perhaps the best plate umpire’s bag available today. Its innovative design (so unique that it is protected by the US Copyright Office) offers convenience and durability unmatched by other bags on the market today. Made in the USA from the highest quality materials, this bag will provide many years of service.

Features include Snap-On belt loops, inside pockets for umpire's indicator and brush (not included), and the capacity to accommodate 3 to 4 softballs. Made from machine washable heavy weight woven nylon, it comes in black, gray, or navy blue. Some umpires have been using our bags for over 18 years.

This superior umpire ball bag costs $19.00, shipping included, and could easily be the last bag you will ever need. UICs, ask about volume pricing.

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